15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 15 Oct 90

60 day time lapse photo of UV exposure effects. Actually, mug shot of Dutch, EggFu and Diamond

15 OCT 90

160171, 5T2, 1.1, 260, Barnett

Flew out to Division HQ and slept all day. We were medevac/VIP standby. The had a few cots handy, so we borrowed them and looked like little sundials, chasing the shade around the helicopter. Slept, ate chow, slept, read 5 pages in a book, swatted flies, slept, flew to JNA. Boy were we baked, I drank plenty of water.
Got a letter from my pen pal. I am impressed that the kids are interested, esp enough to write back. And anyone who likes airplanes and baseball is fine by me. Maybe some letters will help them put all of this into context. I told her mailing camels was “forbidden” and sending goats would be “baaaad” also. Too tired to shower.
Oh, supposedly 3rd MAW says no one can fly below 500 feet now. Guess an A-6 clipped a radio tower, flying 800 feet lower at night than they were supposed to be, without an updated hazard map. As always, penalize everyone. I never try to go ABOVE 300 feet. Staying low is about the only defense we have. The MAG is checking, as we’ve seen nothing in writing yet. Should be for fixed wing only? I hope so.
Getting up at 0500 to rinse engines. Fun fun.

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