14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 15 Aug 90

Picture I took during StratMobEx of a Cobra being unloaded at Whidbey island.

15 AUG 90 Wed
0530 Gen Moore arrives, in our C-5 to Dhahran. Spend all day moving around on the ramp and trying to get unloaded. Once unloaded, can’t get fueled. Our aircraft were defueled at El Toro in order to be loaded in the C-5. Spot wants to get out of here, Jubail is about 30-40 minutes north. I start reading the operator’s manual for our new LORANs, installed on the way over by avionics. We have 400 lbs, and we’ve got more than just about everyone else. Enough for about 40 minutes of flight time. You think we'd be able to get some fuel, but Air Force seems to have priority. Marines are getting aircraft ready to go, reattaching sync elevators and driveshaft couplings. Hellfire, TOW, 20 mm, 50 Cal and 7.62 ammo is uploaded. Plus we have our M-16s, 9 mil and KBars. Do the seabag drag and end up spending the night in a warehouse. Everyone is ready to get away from the airhead and up the road to Jubail.

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