14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 14 Aug 90

Embark of first 4 Hueys and 2 Cobras at El Toro.

14 AUG 90 Tue
Got the birds loaded in El Toro. It's not too hard. Just need a special ramp so the skids can get over the edge of the C-5 cargo deck. To get 6 birds inside you need to remove a few synch elevators, break the tail rotor driveshafts and remove the FM antenna. Cobras have to have the grease reservoirs removed from the rotor hub, we're talking a tight fit here. Plywood is placed under the skids for shoring and to protect the deck of the C-5. Fuel tanks have to be approx half full, battery disconnected and hazmat cards made up for load master. Or in the case today, screw the hazmat forms because we're taking all of our live ordnance in the same bird.
0530 Stop in Goose Bay for a delicious MRE. Get new filters for the ground gas masks and some NBC refresher training. My favorites are the atropine injectors that you're supposed to jam into your thigh in the event of nerve gas exposure.

1700 Germany. Refuel and on the way. Gen Hopkins in theater. Injun and Clark and Gunner.

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