15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 13 Oct 90

13 OCT 90

Spent all morning typing Logistics Support Requests, 2 rosters, a letter to the LASER pointer company and some other things. I was on the computer for about 4-5 hours. Entering project info, serialized inventories, wish I had more computer sense. Don't know how high speed I need to be at this point. Feels good to have a backup for correspondence for my own records. Copiers hard to come by over here. I’d like ot send feedback on the GPS receivers. They work great when the satellites are up, but our gray visor works as a polarizing filter with the LCD readout; you can’t see the display. Oh well, they can fix that easy enough. Cashed a check for 60 dollars so I could pay my Officer dues? They say the money wil be used to buy some film, cruise book items, party fund, etc...Oh well, we did get a VCR. Life goes on.
According to rumor control I’ll be home by November. I’m still predicting Valentine’s Day. Nothing is happening fast. Goofed around for an hour, treated myself to chicken at 1430, talked to Injun, S-4, did some more work, trying to round up some wayward FE gear.
Spike is leaving?! Yes?! Kind of surprised me. Who are we gonna pick on now? Seriously, I wish him the best of luck for his wife’s sake. I don’t know if this was his scheduled departure or not Maybe he’s going home to fight the promotion board some more. Probably shouldn’t have been sent here in the first place. It’ll be interesting got see if Ops changes when he’s gone. All of the Lts will miss him...
Well, no great ideas for me today. Need t go to Dhahran to see if our missing gear is just sitting down there somewhere. NVGs may have been turned in at CamPen by guys who checked out at the last minute. Jim amd I shot the shit for a while, nothing of substance. Ate chow, spread rumors. Grabbed gear, back to tent at 1830, pinged on the field grade.. We have a good group of guys, Capts and Lts, there’s just a wide gap between them and the field grade. Spot is nuts. Just think how impressed everyone will be when they realize that we did all these neat things with Spot as our CO. We certainly checked off all the boxes we could this year, Eagle Claw, 2 CAXs.
Chow sucks. It’ll be hard to get the Christmas spirit over here, probably prohibited.

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