15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 12 Sep 90

12 SEP 90

160179, 5T2, 6.3, 270/331, Stoney

Still in a tent with no floor, but the mail is great and the chow aint too bad.. And the mail should be more regular now that we have desert cammie clad US postal workers sorting it and routing it to us from down south. That is, when they are not entertaining desert cammie clad US congressmen. Saw 2 Beers today, gave him and his guys some cold Pepsis. He’s been using the GPS, really helps out with his FAC work. He’s been trying to call home, but the phones are out of order. Guess we’ve been here too long, the sheep don’t run when we fly over them now.
Well we really cut back on those flight hours, I flew 6.3 hours today, Injun 7.5. Like I had a lot of other things to do. So now I have 66.7, making me the grand old man of Marine Aviation in Saudi. At least for a day, anyway. Flew by some camels, they have really big hairballs. Still getting plenty of rest. We just flew some more grunts around and worked with the Harriers a bit. Mooch and crew chiefs got their Air Medals today, from CG of 3rd MAW. He talked to everyone briefly, said keep up the good work, we’re leading the pack, the “old timers” now. No mention of how long we may stay. I just want to do my job and get out of here. Had an old roommate come by from El Toro (82) VMFA-323 Death Rattlers days and say, “hey I know you”. He’s the one who crawled home from the club on New Year’s Eve and barfed all over himself. Also had the snake that scared the crap out of the Sgt Maj during our room inspection.
Well, really tired now. Gonna go shower and hit the rack. No flying tomorrow, what am I going to do?

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