15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 11 Oct 90

11 OCT 90

Slept good, it’s cooling off considerably. Forgot laundry. Wrinkled cammies. Must find hot rocks.
Had classes all day. No flying/turning. Better than CamPen. I guess the day off for E’s last week was a one time thing. Spent the morning typing NATOPS change recommendations. Turned them in to NATOPS, they’ll send off to conference, or urgent change if warranted. Spent rest of afternoon in classes, formation, eating, monitoring projects. Irish said if we don’t turn in our awards recommendations, he’s “gona mark us all the way to the left” in the Handling Enlisted fit rep block. his is something I don’t mind being reminded about, so I spent a lot of time writing Letters of Appreciation for Samuel, Chames and Megaughey, and a NAM for Sgt Lee. I’ll eventually write up Sgt Legg for a NAM, because of all of his work on the new AR-5 gas masks. He’s doing really well, very conscientious and studious. The LOAs may get upgraded to CG Certificates of Commendation, they worked hard but maybe not as smart as this award rates.
Called CamPen, inventory sheets were sent out a few days ago. Still missing 2 sets of NVGs as of 2 days ago. I had 76 sets here, but 2 belong to to our augment MAWTS-1 guys. They never told us they were leaving them in FE. So now I’m 2 sets short. Sgt Lee told me the first day we were here one of our gas masks was brought in by a squid, who said he saw it fall off the back of a truck! It was in the back of a 5 ton for 60 miles. Guess I’ll know more when I get the custody cards, or when we get back to CamPen.

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