14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 11 Aug 90

11 AUG 90 Sat
Wandering through supply, I spy some Trimble TrimPac GPS receivers. I ask the Top, “who are these for?“ He says “I don’t even know what they are.“ I ask to sign for all 12 and take them. We have scored big time. Make a command decision to not take the VIP kits (Carpet and seat cushions for the Generals). I’ve always thought they were goofy anyway. Everybody is ready. Time to spend a few minutes at home. Got to make sure I have all my 782 and flight gear. Too much stuff, as we have 3 different gas masks, plus flak jacket to go with body armor. I’ll weigh 200 pounds with all this, easy. Dogs are getting suspicious when they see the parachute bags come out.

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