15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 10 Oct 90

10 OCT 90

159204, 5T2, 2.3, 260/140, Peewee

Today was spent flying a British General around. He kept asking for cereal? Finally I said “General, I don’t have any Cheerios….” Yuk yuk!! He will be in charge of all the Brits. Best frag we’ve had so far, they wanted to do what the frag sheet said, got changes to us early, all our radios were crystal clear, freqs were right, etc…Plew with Peewee, I’m over 80 hours now. I think we were the first Marines to fly BritCent over here.
Tried to relax a bit. Worked on getting clearing barrels put outside the terminal and updating the mishap plan to incude an “Overdue Aircraft” checklist. We had no procedure for that, it started because someone called to tell us an aircraft was down. Well, what if it hadn’t come back when it was supposed to be back? Hmmm. So that’s done now. Also suggested we have an Emergency Reclamation Checklist broken down by S-shops, Maintenance, then even further as necessary, so we aren’t scrambling looking for chemlights, shovels, security, crane, comm gear, chow, water, dragon wagon etc… when something happens. So that is happening. S-4 actually sent a letter to MWSS saying listing what equipment they’ll need to borrow should we park a bird somewhere that we don’t want to leave it. I fed the experience I had from recovering 2 Beer’s Cobra in Yuma to Nemo, and he’s making them happen.
I’m remaining cognizant of my ballistic intolerance. Small MCX is open, AAFES catalogs are all snapped up, lingerie pages are dog eared. We are a hopeless bunch.

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