15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 08 Oct 90

Flight Equipment's "Hog Board" (pictures of round-eyed American women) is growing, creating a steady stream of visitors to our shop...which is starting to get old.

8 OCT 90

159204, 2K2, 1.0, FCF, Mooch
Returned from Manifa this morning. Boy am I beat. Sat around all day waiting to rinse 201’a engines. We have to rinse the engines daily now, to cut down on salt accumulation. The aircraft commander has to motor the engines for the maintenance crew. It really takes long time for the engines to cool down, to break down the rinse fittings, gather the wash cart, power cart etc. I finished at 1930…hmmm. Bet I get to sign more often now, so I can stay late every night. Guess my hot dates will have to wait.
21 was about an 8 on my flying scale. I won’t sign off a 5. Spent some time putting Mooch’s FCP training forms in the computer. Spent some more time shooting the breeze with our maintenance Marines. Oh, Flt Equip will probably be voted Shop of the Year because 1) Sgt Legg’s friend sent him photos from the McCabe’s Hot Legs, Bikini and T-Shirt contest. He also got a letter from a FSU sorority girl, with a group photo. She wrote that if guys would circle a girl’s face and send their name, she would ask them to write. She also asked that we guess the names of certain girls, and the correct guesser would get a letter. Cute, huh? I read the letter, she’s an airhead. Studies Communications but never watches news, reads paper or listens to the radio? Clueless as to why we are here….then again, so am I at this point. And 2) Passes out Aunt Mary’s cookie crumbs. So there was a crowd in our shop all day, it was fun for about an hour.
Chow was beef gristle stew, wallpaper paste on lumpy potatoes. Sucked. 3rd worst meal so far. I’m realy dehydrated, got a great headache, have to lug my bag of stuff around everywhere (towel, CPOG, gas mask, NBC kit). Called it a day.

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