14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 07 Sep 90

Cobras at the FAARP. We've added some matting to land on so they don't sink into the sand.

7 SEP 90

160176, 5T2, 2.5, 271, Peewee

Crappy mail day, only 5 letters. Haven't used my running shoes yet except to walk to the shower, which is why I brought them. It's quite a haul from the tents at the FAARP to the birds, considering you're wearing boots, flight suit, pistol, gas mask, and usually carrying water, helmet, etc... in the 100 plus degree heat. Need to do some back exercises, as the cot is not terribly comfortable. Back at the airfield I have a sleeping bag for a cushion, here only the mat. Sleep ok, just wake every few hours to go pee and flip over. The most annoying thing is the dumb flies, esp considering they probably just flew over from the shitter.
We've been trying to decide where we would be allowed to R&R, if the chance ever comes up. Hey, we're bored, killing flies is the highlight of our day, after flying that is. We've only been working 4 weeks straight though. Send a Marine to the field, he dreams of liberty...and girls...and booze...when he's not bitching. What is really bad is that there is no alcohol for these guys to drink. Maybe Germany?
It is very uncomfortable to write because of the conditions. I usually straddle a cot and build a gas mask desk. I have to put a towel down so sweat doesn't soak the paper. If it's not too hot, that's because it's too dark. Usually the stuff isn't that interesting or important. Somewhat safe, got food , water, a cot, not sure where that puts me in the hierarchy of needs. Too many people are overly dramatic about the situation, maybe it increases their self worth. Hard to explain without sounding bitter or harsh.
Hanging out mainly with Mooch, Injun and Peewee. Peewee and I are leading for flight hours, I have 55 hours in just over 3 weeks, but it doesn't seem that I've flown that much. Sleep, eat, fly. Injun is still my best friend, but I normally bitch to someone else. He's too upbeat for me to be down around him.
Rawheid, is out here now. Guess his plan to take the FAC tour with Tanks "because they don't deploy, suckers!" didn't work out too well for him. He's riding around in the desert in a Hummer now, behind the tank...

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