15 October 2005

GUnfighter Diary Desert Shield 07 Oct 90

Irish says "Clark, why don't you take the rest of the week off!!"
7 OCT 90

159204, 2K2, 1.0, FCF, Mooch

Rode to Manifa/Gunfighter Osis, now officially known as LZ Foss, in the back of a pickup with Mooch and crew chief. Saw several convoys of civilians heading south, and a few camels. It was our job to retrieve the second Huey that had been there for 18 days. Spent all day in the sun, tested for about 2.5 hours to get the bird up. They had replaced the swashplate and also the blades. It took 7 adjustments to get the rotor track and balance acceptable, vs 2 the day before on 210. Plus the a/c had no rotor brake, which means it takes about 5 minutes to shut down for every runup. Anyway, got finished at sundown, ran out of crew day to fly back to base. Spent night at FAARP, brought some gear this time to sleep with and clean up. Slept terrible, got up, worked with Mooch for .5 on FCP training, then got escorted to JNA by 2 Cobras. So I’m 2 for 2 on Huey blade swaps. Injun is trying to fix another bird, its blades may be too mismatched (low hour, high hour) to get it rigged. Tomorrow will tell. I’ll probably get to fly it. So now we have 3 up Hueys, should have 2 more in a few days. Irish told me “good jo” when I called him last night to tell him 201 was up.

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