15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 06 Oct90

6 OCT 90

Flew Bu No 160179, 2K2, 1.1, .7, 140, Test hop with Mooch

2 Hueys have been sitting at Manifa for 17 days, and we finally have the blades to fix them. Mooch and I got up this a.m., waited about 2 hours for the paperwork to be finished on 210. Preflighted and cranked her up. Surprisingly, this was the quickest vibrex I’ve ever done. Only had to make 2 adjustments to track, no adjustments to balance. The a/c flew really smooth at 120 knots, best I’ve felt in along time. Maybe we should tape all the blades? Actually we will. Flew 1.1 track and balance, the .6 returning to base.
We’re not usually authorized to fly anywhere single ship, in case there’s a problem, but Buzz had said “whe you get the a/c up, climb high, call tower and tell them you’re inbound”. So we did, tower didn’t answer and we asked another air control agency to relay. Flew back to base IFR (I Follow Roads). Got back to JNA, shut down, Spot walked by and asked “So I guess this means 210 is back?” and wanted to know how we got back. We told him single ship and he asked “Who authorized that?” Surprise, Buzz popped in and said that he did. Amazing, nothing else was said. Irish looked relieved, because he had told me to come back also. SO here’s an instance where Spot listened before spooling.
Probably do the same thing tomorrow. Could’ve done the other Huey today but the crane wasn’t available to put the hub and blades on. Guess it’s another first for me, First Scocth Tape/3M Huey Pilot in S.A. I was surprised that Irish asked me if I wanted to go tackle 201 yesterday, of course, anything to get some distance from the flagpole.

Uno: “Dad, the phone’s ringing. We’ll watch your plate for you…Trust us…”

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