14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 06 Sep 90

6 SEP 90

160176, 5T2, 1.6, 271, Peewee

Still at the Desert Oasis, should be here a few more days. Guess we’re the guinea pigs and we’ll stay until Spots’ happy. As long as he’s there and I’m here, I’m liking this plan. We have set up FAARPS on all our deployments, remoting the gas and bullets to spread out our assets. It’s pretty nice here compared to the busy terminal, pretty much sleep and fly. We’re close enough to the bay and the Gulf that we enjoyed some “Gulf” shrimp for dinner. We had been flying over some folks who were shrimping, and someone landed and talked them out of some shrimp. Their bird didn’t smell too good when they got back, but it cooked up real nice. It was good, both pieces...
So far it seems the only guys who can get to a phone are Huey pilots, and not even all of them have had a chance so far. Mail and snacks today, a very enlightening book from my sister on the “Scientific Principles and Design of the Strapless Evening Gown”. Another package with raisins, probably started out as grapes. Got a brimmed hat, desert cammie. Can’t imagine how happy that will make me. 110 degrees plua everyday with nothing to cover my ears. And it’s ventilated. Back to those little things in life. So now I can be “cool”. Oh, we haven’t gotten, nor does it look like we will receive anytime soon, any desert cammies. Of course all the Headquarters geeks, back in CamPen, working in their air conditioned buildings have them. I hope they’re happy. Bitch, bitch, bitch...
Chuck Mills went home with a hernia. Where do I sign up?

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