15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 04 Oct 90

4 OCT 90

Once again, it’s training day in Gunfighterville. Had some cool classes on RPVs, NBC, Intel. Had an AOM. Irish stood up, said a few things, then ended up giving Flt Equip a compliment, That they had been “busting their ass to get all the equipment covers made.” I thought it meant something and told my Marines that it did. After the meeting, he got all the Maint Os together and reminded us we need to start awards write ups. Said FE was doing good Spot has also been in a few times to tell the guys that they’re doing great. He pokes me and smiles, it’s kind of cute. Amazing how things have changed since I adjusted my attitude. Our ops tempo is also slowing down. The MAG only wants us to fly 30 hours per airframe per month, unless there’s a combat necessity. Hopefully, they’ll reduce our frag load so the we can train a bit. We’ve fired no ordnance over here yet, I’m sure our proficiency is staying really high. Worked some more on the project list. Not much headway. A fine fruit cocktail dinner and off to the tent.

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