14 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 03 Sep 90

The "runway" at Manifa

3 SEP 90

160624, 5T2, Armed Reconnaissance, 3.0, .7 night, 270/360, Peewee

Today we flew around on the CO’s wing. Last night I actually slept well in the terminal. Woke up around 0630, got up at 0730. Caught up on some pilot stuff, got my laundry back from the contract cleaner in town, packed my smaller bag of “stuff”, and stood by to brief. We carried some grunts around for visual reconnaissance, and flew out to the FAARP at Manifa Bay. There are two strips of sand that have dome oil or asphalt poured on them, that someone has the nerve to call runways. My guess is that is an old target range or something. All of it is crumbling as we land on it. I was the first aircraft to refuel there, wow! Alert the media. Can I go home now? We ran out of gas physically and called it quits for the evening.
We have tents, water, chow, fuel, ordnance, a small maintenance crew, and a security unit. Oh, and cots! The fact that we have cots now, I donÂ’t think the bad guys are aware of it. If they knew IÂ’m sure this whole thing would be over. Basically all there is to do here is fly, eat, sleep. Not necessarily in that order. We will be here anywhere from 2-5 days, then rotate back to JNA. This will provide a forward deployed attack element to slow up any infiltrators (a speed bump) and relieve congestion at JNA. Also, keeps me from bugging the guys in my shop, although it may delay mail for a few days.
I saw and flew Mudge today. They just had their second kid, a boy, in April. He would rather be somewhere else, as you could probably figure. I donÂ’t know if she stayed in Yuma or went home.
Gotta set up my newest home. Brought a foam mat, poncho liner, mosquito net, writing and shaving gear, and some underwear. Party animal. Should be a great time. They purify the water here, the chlorine tastes great, and itÂ’s less filling. IÂ’m here with Super Dave, Diamond, Peewee and a bunch of Cobra geeks. WonÂ’t we have fun. Going to get some sleep now.

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