15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 02 Oct 90

2 OCT 90

Today was a good day. Got up, went in to the maintenance meeting with Injun, went to breakfast with Mooch and Sgt Legg. Had a few grits, some juice, milk and french toast. Meals are usually the bitch session, luckily over the last week most people’s senses of humor are returning. My shop finished the turret covers for the Cobras; 2 projects down, ? to go. They made them out of old tent canvas that guess who had to “procure”? They look very nice, almost tactical. 367 has some that are bright yellow. The Ordnance Officer was glad to have them, but Grif, whose guys have to install them, was not too happy. Eventually they’ll have 4 covers per aircraft to keep track of. SO we’re gonna make covers for the covers, once we get a list of the lists and a form to order the forms that list the lists of covers that cover the covers and so on.
Two days ago we received 150 square yards of terry cloth material, which we ordered when Spot was ranting about getting “anything” that we could in the cockpits to knock the sun down a little. It came 3 days after we got our silver bubble wrap junk, which flight line is really enjoying taking in and out. It is working though to cool the cockpits down a little and keep some sand out. So yesterday, Maint Control comes by and says “Give us all the terrycloth, we need it to clean blades.” I said for them to do whatever the AMO wanted done with it, but still want my guys to have some to make cockpit curtains with, for when the bubble wrap is destroyed or gets lost.
Anyway, 2 days ago Sgt Lee tells me “I ordered 300 square yards of artificial leather for gun covers, and found out later the stuff comes in regular yards, so we may get 3-4 times what I wanted, depending on how wide it is.” We ordered tan and brown “artificial leather”, a rubberized cloth, to make, you guessed it, COVERS. Specifically the turret covers that we just finished making out of canvas. So about 1000, the parts expediter walks up and says “there’s a forklift on the way with your leather.” I looked at Sgt Lee and we busted up laughing. The forklift pulls up with about 700 ponds of the stuff, 6 4 foot rolls about as big around as telephone poles. And here’s the best part. Spot walks by and says “What did you order all of this for?” “Duh, gee george, I don’t know, COVERS, maybe?” I told him I was sure we could think of something to do with it. Cover bags, cranial bags, bag bags, we are now “Bags-R-Us.” And we still have an outstanding order for desert cammy material, 4 rolls of day desert cammy, and 2 rolls of night desert cammy. We also received 600 yards of strap and buckles to modify the exterior canopy covers, which we promptly used to make holddown straps for the Cobra inlet screen covers and exhaust covers. Spot now wants bungee cord to hook them all together because the wind blows them off. “So solly, me checkee suppry, no bungee for you GI.” So now we’ll sew straps to the covers and maybe dummy cord them to each aircraft. Shouldn’t cause too many problems to just fly with them left on. Irish is now bugging Grif about how come aircraft 230 doesn’t have a LORAN cover and 235 doesn’t have a turret cover and there’s no sunscreen in 237, etc...Grif is loving every minute of it, I’m sure.
Wrote a helo shade company in Dallas. Holding my breath. Next project is aircrew survivability, helmets, crashworthy seats, flight suits, body armor, vests, NVG lighting. Probably never see anything to fruition, but maybe can get the ball rolling. At least I’m not bored, and it will be good to deal more with people outside the squadron. Worked on awards for a while, had KFC for lunch, ate dinner, got a haircut. Came to tent. Bitched about Spot and Nasty. Got mail
Dog dreams:
Uno: What’s that?
Austin: It’s a camel.
Uno: Are you sure?
Austin: Maybe it’s cow on steroids?
Uno: Go back to sleep.
Austin: O.K.
Uno: What an idiot.

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