15 October 2005

Gunfighter Diary Desert Shield 01 Oct 90

1 OCT 90

Another day, another....who knows. We’ve been getting letters from elementary schools all over with some precious quotes. “The Marines, a fun place to be” with a drawing of a guy standing below saying “why did I ever get this job?” 4th graders?! “Chicken a la keen looked like barf but tasted good.” Here’s the classic. It's lengthy, a typed letter from a Vietnamese boy. “Dear Marine, my name is Dung Vuong. Iwas born in Vietnam....” A classic. And an interesting perspective. I’m sure Sgt Legg wrote him a suitable reply.
Slept in til 0830 this morning. Came to work, wasted 6-8 hours, called Pendleton to check on my gear. Air Force General got canned. Nasty got promoted to LtCol and said “I’m still doing the same job, only now I can be an even bigger asshole.” Peewee said “Impossible” loud enough for almost everyone to hear, and we all had a good chuckle. But then he gives his Major’s oak leaves to Spike and says “I want you to have these, because I know, just like everyone else here, that you’ll be wearing these someday.” I thought they were going to start swapping spit right there.
Started getting Imminent Danger Pay, but since they’re not back dating it to 16 Aug, it’s obvious we weren’t in imminent danger until all the REMFs got here and started running the show. Also, went over 4 years flying. Now that everyone’s stopped sending underwear, they’ve cancelled the laundry and bottled water contracts. Funny how it coincided with Big Al’s morale visit. Hmmm? Well, new fiscal year and all. MWSS is setting up some washers and dryers we think, and we can get water at the terminal. It worries me that the nicer they try to make it here, the longer I see us staying. I’d sooner sleep on the floor and get the hell out of here faster. The Saudis won’t tolerate us for too long, just long enough to get advanced weapons to use on the Israelis.

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