14 October 2005

Buildup of Forces Desert Shield 02 Aug 90

02 AUG 90

160441, 1A9, 3.1, 313, Super Dave

Hussein invades Kuwait.

Taken from indepth info.com/iraq/buildup 02 Feb 01

"Saddam Hussein's move into Kuwait was so alarming that it galvanized most of the nations in the region to send troops to Saudi Arabia to help oppose the Iraqui buildup...

General Norman Schwarzkopf was sent to take command of US forces...Sent to the General, via land, sea and air was the best that the United States could provide, including the XVIII Airborne Corps (24th Mechanized Infantry Division, 101st AIrborne Division, 82nd Airborne Division), plus the 1st Marine Division."

We were the best.

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